by: Praditya Adiga –yuhibbuhullahu wa yardhahu

“That’s why, time I spent together with you, I will remember them as a precious moment.”

            Life sometimes feel empty without any feeling and expression. Sometimes it made us nervous, afraid, bored, and more bad expression. Do you know what kind of things that we need? We need friends.

According to Oxford, friend means person you know well. But who’s not a relative. Why friends? Coz friends are the one who cheer us up beside family. Sometimes friend getting so shit, tricky, and crazy. But, they never try to make us bad. Beside, sometimes they’re our mood booster, when we feel tired and bad mood they can cheer us up.

Friend divided into 2 types; Ordinary Friend and Best Friend. I’ll make it clear what’s the meaning of these 2 types.

Ordinary friend means just a friend and not really close. We know him/her but sometimes we don’t know their life story, coz ordinary friends seldom tell us their life story.

Best Friend or Special Friend is them who are really close to us. We know about their story, they always walk with us and never leave us behind. If we happy the will feel the same and if we sad they will end it up. What they know is make us happy with them.

fwvymZM.jpg            Best friend is really hard to get. We need a lot of effort and relation to find our best friend. Coz if we get wrong type of person that want to be our best friend, we’ll find a lot of trouble, coz not every kind of person can keep our secret story and give us solution for each problem. So, make sure you make a good relationship and find your best friend.

A lot of memories can happen when friends with us. Is that happiness or sadness, our memories with always be remind in our brain.

My friends whom I love! Here, I’d like to share with you, how to find a good best friend. Here’s the following tips:

  • Good Attitude

Find a best friend isn’t as easy make a friend. You should choose who’s right and who’s wrong. Coz your best friend will ask you and lead you to the better way. So I suggest find a good attitude one.

  • Care to You

Care means love. Find a best friend who always care to you also a good option. Example, you’re getting sick one day, and he’s the one who give you medicine and also don’t forget ask you to eat, in order to make you healthy.

  • Cheer You Up

This is my last option. We’re juvenile. And I sure we’ve a lot of problem care is a good option but cheer is also a good option to make it perfect. Example, now days juvenile sometimes got frustrated because of love. We often act dazed in every place and every time. Best friend are a good person who can fix this out. Beside they care by motivate you, they also will cheer you by ask you to hangout with them, or play games like football, and many more, in order to make you forget about her.

These 3 tips above only some from any other tips that I can’t mention here.

Whoever our friend and best friend let us make a good relation and don’t let it go. Coz we can make some more cheers so we can live as friend forever.




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